General Surgery

The General Surgery Department aims to provide the highest standard of surgical care and service to its patients, and regards their opinions and comments as extremely valuable in helping the department to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement.

We provide outstanding surgical care to all patients including outpatient, inpatient and those in the emergency department. Our team consists of dedicated professionals and skilled staffs (doctors, nurses, paramedical) who are committed in helping to deliver top quality surgical care to the patients using modern and cost effective technology

The Department of General Surgery offers general as well as Laparoscopic services from highly qualified and experienced surgeons. The department provides an entire spectrum of general surgeries through a team of experienced and committed surgeons

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  • 1. Dr. Ahmad Barakat, Ph.D
1. Dr. Ahmad Barakat, Ph.D
    • Consultant, CMO & HOD of General Surgery
    • Jordanian Board, British Fellowship, Fellowship of American College of Surgeon, PHD in General Surgery, Masters, MBBS
    • Specialized in:
      • General Surgery & Laparoscopy
      • Gastrointestinal surgery
      • Thyroid Surgery
      • Breast tumor surgery
      • Obesity Surgery
      • Diagnostic & Therapeutic endoscopes for upper & lower digestive system
      • Fixing & removal of stomach balloons through endoscopy


  • 5. Dr. Ahmad Al-Mulla
5. Dr. Ahmad Al-Mulla
  • Senior specialist general and Bariatric surgery.
  • Bachelor in medicine and surgery, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI).
  • Kuwait board of general surgery.
  • Fellowship minimal invasive, Bariatric surgery and endoscopy(IJP, Brazil).
  • Member of European association of endoscopic surgery (EAES).
  • Member of IFSO (international federation of surgery of obesity).
  • Member of American college of surgeons (ACS).
  • Specialized in:
    • Obesity surgeries (Sleeve gastrectomy, mini-gastric bypass. RYGB)
    • Upper GI, and reflux surgeries (GERD)
    • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
    • Hernia repair and abdominal reconstruction. (Open and laparoscopically TAPP, TEP)
    • Thyroid surgery. (Malignant and benign disease)
    • Diagnosis and management of benign and malignant breast disease
    • Gastric balloon insertion and removal endoscopically, pulse smart gastric balloon
    • Male gynecomastia surgeries
    • Anal surgeries (piles, fistula and fissure)


  • 3. Dr. Mohamad Zanki
3. Dr. Mohamad Zanki
  • Specialist Bariatric, General, and Laparoscopy Surgery
  • Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland
  • Kuwaiti Board of General & Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Specialized in:
    • Thyroid tumor surgery and over activity
    • Bariatric surgery & Gastric Balloons
    • Gastrointestinal & Gallbladder Surgeries
    • Hernia repair and Tummy tuck
    • Breast, Thyroid, and Endocrine Surgeries
    • Anal Surgery (Piles, Fissure, Fistula)


  • 4. Dr. Alisher Turakulov
4. Dr. Alisher Turakulov
  • General Surgeon
  • MBBS, MD in General Surgery, PHD in General Surgery, Laparoscopy Diploma
  • Specialized in:
    • Liver and Pancreas Diseases
    • Abdominal Laparoscopic surgeries
    • Emergency surgeries
    • Liver and Gastric surgery


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